Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garage sale GLAM

So...My 22 year old son has caught the FEVER!! He stopped at a garage sale and bought these chairs!! He even talked them down on the price!! He paid $40 for BOTH of these chairs! He was so proud, as am I!! I paid him $150 for the pair, so $110 PROFIT in his pocket! Well, I got right to work on one of them. I painted it gray, then did a black "wash" on it. I added this fancy damask fabric and VIOLA~ GARAGE SALE GLAM!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Diamond in the rough~

Let me tell ya, I have been a busy girl!! Between working at the shop, I have been redoing my home too!! Yesterday, I found this AWESOME Diamond in the rough chair on Craigs List for $50!!! I took it to the shop and painted/distressed it, then it was ready for some new fabric! I got it all done today, and now it sits proudly in my living room!! Once I get my curtains hung, and other items put in it's place, I will post the FINAL RESULTS!!
I added old doors for height behind the newly reupholstered sofa! 

$50 Craigs List Chair BEFORE!!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

My new (OLD) Sofa!

Well, you know me, I love to find great furniture sitting on the side of the road!! I found this old sofa and knew she needed to be rescued! I love her bones & the curves are OOH LA LA!! She was soaking wet from being rained on, and she was filthy. We gently lifted her up and saved her from a life of doom! Stay tuned for her debut in my living room!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

My dining room crown molding!

Well, I must say my hubby is the BEST! He found this old TIN CROWN MOLDING and decided to use it for my dining room! It was bent up and not in good shape, but he reshaped it and got right to work!! I LOVE IT!!! I am still working on this room, but it's gettin' there!!


Two Tone!

I found this old chest of drawers on Craigs list! The top drawer was messed up, so we fixed it right up! I decided to go with a two tone look for this project! I used Sherwin Williams Bright White for the base, and a color called "VEIL" for the drawers and spray painted the handles white!!


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Well, after expanding the shop we needed to add flooring! Trying to keep the cost down, we had Home Depot cut plywood into 12" strips, the we nailed the strips down to the sub flooring, and stained and sealed it! If I must say so myself...IT IS BEAUTIFUL!


WARNING** The photos you are about to view may be disturbing to some viewers!! ALL of these projects are from TODAY!! Needless to say....We are CRAZY BUSY!! 

An old door, some vintage bread racks, rusty chain burlap and old chicken coop tin = A new display shelf for  sugar scrubs!

Some reclaimed wood is now a FARM TABLE!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Make it into something useful~

Here I am again! Just showing up like this, after I have been MIA for so long. Well, if you follow me on face book, then you know how busy I am, but I can't make excuses!! Well, today, I finished a project! It was an old Chicken incubator but now.....It could be an Island or even used as an accent table! As I always say, take something that would be trash and make it into something useful!!!