Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cute & Creative Linky Party #5

WHITE wonders!

These 2 antique beds have classic beauty! I painted them and distressed them to highlight the beautiful details! The first one, came from a couple who were cleaning out their garage! My husband was driving by, and thought they were have a garage sale. They laughed and said no, we are just cleaning out our garage, however, if you want this bed, make us an offer!  So he jumped out of the truck, offered them $50 and brough it home to me! Have I ever told you I would rather have JUNK than Diamonds, or Roses?  The 1940's style bed came from Craigs list! When I first started checking out Craigs List, my husband thought I was having an affair with a guy named Craig! LOL, just kidding! If thats the case, he thinks I have something going on with "Michael" "Ross" "Marshall"  & "TJ" too!

Broken top...

1940's style!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cute & Creative Linky Party # 4

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today's multi projects!

Well, Dumpster Diva and my Dumpster Dude have been working ALL DAY! We really need more hours in a day!
The first thing is an ottoman/bench! We painted, distressed and recovered it in this FANTABULOUS FABRIC!

 THEN we started on my dining table and 6 chairs...we actually painted it a few days ago, today we started on the seat covers! I scored this set for $110 at a garage sale! It has 3 leafs and 6 chairs!

 Then off to start and FINISH this dresser for a client! We sanded and restained it! Sorry my pictures stink, but you can see the difference! The first picture is after we sanded the top.

Well...That's about all we could cram in to one day, so off to bed, and start over again tomorrow!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ready or Not....

Ready or not...here it comes... Christmas is right around the corner! I have started making ornaments for my next show (November 25-26 at The Old Red Lumberyard in McKinney Tx) As I was working on some things, I had a piece of garland left over. Not enough to do much with, so I made a "Christmas nest"!

"Christmas Nest"

"Christmas Nest" Under Cloche

Thursday, November 10, 2011


I had a busy day today, but i managed to finish my "FUN WREATH"! The picture looks pinkish for some reason, but it is red!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cute & Creative Linky Party #3

Christmas Tree???

Yesterday I went to the DOLLAR TREE! I found some awesome ornaments, Hobby Lobby has the exact ornaments. I got a pack of 2 for $1! As I was looking around for some craft inspiration, I found a cone shaped Styrofoam. The obvious came to my mind...MAKE A CHRISTMAS TREE! So I made my purchase and got home to start my projects! I started gluing "BLING" all over the cone...IT TOOK A WHILE! When I was done I was so proud of my "Christmas Tree" then while I was cleaning up, I spotted one of my teardrop crystals. She was looking at me begging me to find a place for her. So I picked it up and stuck it on top of my "Christmas Tree"!! Then all of a sudden, the "Christmas Tree" looked like an ANGEL! Well...What is an Angel without wings??? I have a white boa, so I knew just what to do..Cut some of it and glue it to the back!!  Then I saw my shredded up song book pages, they were just looking at me saying...what about us? So I picked a few out and fanned them and VOILA, WINGS!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

House Of Hargrove

This awesome lady is hosting a FB contest! Click on over and visit her page and show her some "like" tell her Dumpster Diva sent ya!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Springy Thingy

HAPPY FRIDAY Blog Friends! Remember a few weeks ago I posted  about "trailer trash"? Well I here is what I turned the trash into!

                         SPRINGY THINGY CHRISTMAS TREES!