Monday, September 17, 2012

Milk Paint Project!

I finally got my milk paint in from I LOVE IT!! Now let me tell ya, I know this is NOT FOR EVERYONE! I personally will not use it on EVERY PIECE I DO!! It has it's place, and this piece wears it well!! I have a plan for the inside and outside panels, so I did not paint them. I will do that part tomorrow, and I will post a photo! Anyway, I used the color "BUTTERMILK" on this one. I only did one coat. Once it dried, it started crackling all over! I must admit, I freaked out a little, but I shrugged it off, and went with it!! After all, it's just paint, I could redo it if I need to! I have seen people take a putty knife to scrape of the loose paint, but I use a damp sponge and just start wiping! It works great! As you see, this piece is pretty beat up. I get a lot of ANTI PAINTED FURNITURE people, but some things are just too far gone to save! This was the perfect piece to play with!


Outside panel, I am not painting this, I am doing something different, you will have to check back to see tomorrow!

This is the drawer once the paint dried. See how it is crackling?

Another drawer crackling!

Now, this is after I used the sponge to wipe it down! NO SAND PAPER AT ALL!

The top crackling!

ALL DONE! (except the panels)



  1. Oh I love the crackling! It give it that natural patina look on an old piece. I would definitely buy it for myself! Love, love, love it! I'll have to try this out!

  2. Hi!!!
    Just came across your site because I'm doing a post on milk paint - just LOVE what you did here - definitely your newest follower!
    Hugs from MOntreal


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