Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WHITE wonders!

These 2 antique beds have classic beauty! I painted them and distressed them to highlight the beautiful details! The first one, came from a couple who were cleaning out their garage! My husband was driving by, and thought they were have a garage sale. They laughed and said no, we are just cleaning out our garage, however, if you want this bed, make us an offer!  So he jumped out of the truck, offered them $50 and brough it home to me! Have I ever told you I would rather have JUNK than Diamonds, or Roses?  The 1940's style bed came from Craigs list! When I first started checking out Craigs List, my husband thought I was having an affair with a guy named Craig! LOL, just kidding! If thats the case, he thinks I have something going on with "Michael" "Ross" "Marshall"  & "TJ" too!

Broken top...

1940's style!


  1. Well done. I am inspired to redo my old attic chairs.

  2. How much are you selling it for its so nice i love it !

  3. Thanks for linking your fabulous project to Potpourri Friday!

  4. This is so beautiful! What lovely detailing, the distressing brings it out perfectly!

  5. Those beds are amazing!!!!!!! You are one lucky gal to be the proud owner of them.....


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