Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today's multi projects!

Well, Dumpster Diva and my Dumpster Dude have been working ALL DAY! We really need more hours in a day!
The first thing is an ottoman/bench! We painted, distressed and recovered it in this FANTABULOUS FABRIC!

 THEN we started on my dining table and 6 chairs...we actually painted it a few days ago, today we started on the seat covers! I scored this set for $110 at a garage sale! It has 3 leafs and 6 chairs!

 Then off to start and FINISH this dresser for a client! We sanded and restained it! Sorry my pictures stink, but you can see the difference! The first picture is after we sanded the top.

Well...That's about all we could cram in to one day, so off to bed, and start over again tomorrow!


  1. Mellisa you've got style. Well done. This is a wonderful project.

  2. Love those cane back chairs! I am looking for some just like that!

  3. Wow, what a fabulous bench, Melissa! I love that fabric you used, too. Great piece ~ that would fit right in with my living room scheme!


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