Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Before & After Chest of drawers

I had a pretty productive day today! First I took my drawers off outside! Now, do I have your attention?? Then I sanded them down and stained them. It started getting cloudy outside but I felt like I had time to get the cabinet sanded and stained too! I FINISHED just in time to get it in the house and about 30 minutes later, the heavens opened and started pouring down rain!!!  This piece belonged to one of my client's dad. He passed away in 2010, and his girls shared his antique pieces! I was honored that they trusted me with such treasures! The first set of pictures below is of the chest of drawers I finished today. The next set of pictures is of the one I redone for her sister!
I used 80 grit sand paper and my trusty sander to get all of the original stain off. I re stained it DARK WALNUT! I usually PAINT all of my pieces, but since I was commissioned to do this, I had to do what the customer wanted. I think it looks great!!  (Sorry the pictures look grainy) I promise, I will get a new camera soon!

                                                                Kellie's Dresser

Shellie's Dresser

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