Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farm House Table

This table is a table I am working on for a client! I used an old table, took the top off, however, I kept the skirting I used 2 X 12's to create a longer table. I stained the new top red mahogany, and painted the old legs white, and distressed them. The set comes with cane back chairs, I will post pictures of the completed project in a few days!! I painted the chairs white, distressed them, and I am using linen to recover the seats!


  1. love it!!!!!! I have a formal table and am dying for a rustic/farmhouse one. Thanks for showing me (and my skeptical husband)it can be done. Thanks SO very much.

  2. Love it. I had one made local (Holmes County Ohio. Amish Country) its 4ft wide by 6 ft. I stained the top with birds egg blue and black base. Really need an idea as what to do with my chairs Amish oak natural. Maybe paint? Works great with the kids. Thanks.

  3. What a Beautiful table, I love the stained top with the white bottom, can't wait to see the chairs all finished....
    Have a wonderful week

  4. Love how this turned out! I can't wait to see the chairs next. I spotted your link at Coast Charm and to come check this out.


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