Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another busy day!

Well...another busy day. I found out I get to move in my new shop next week!!! I will be busy from now on keeping my 2 shop's stocked with goodies!! Today I finished the chest of drawers, started a drop leaf table, all I have to do to finish it is one more coat of paint, and then distress it! I also finished my "frenchy" table!

Frenchy table BEFORE

Frenchy table after

Frenchy table after distressed

frenchy table close up!

chest of drawer BEFORE


Drop leaf table BEFORE...I used this table for several years just like this, as an island. I love it , but I am ready to sell!!

AFTER...(still need to distress)

Table with chair!!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love EVERY SINGLE PIECE you revamped! SO NICE! Thanks for sharing! You inspire me!!!


  2. So great, I love the table and chairs!! Can't wait to see pictures of your shop. Di@cottage-wishes

  3. Dear Melissa the table is perfect. Congratulations with the end result!


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