Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China Cabinet Make Over

I had the pleasure of doing a Makeover for this beauty! It is going in a SALON!, So I knew I had to make her look BEAUTIFUL! She was a Blond, but I decided she needed to be dyed (painted) black! After she was painted, Then I figured she needed some curls! I used this awesome paper (disposable table runner) from Cake Vintage Click on the link to see more!  I have used this before, but I used decoupage. This time I used the 3M 77 spray! I LOVED IT! **TIP** Before you start painting something that you want to add paper or fabric to, take the back off, it is way easier to paint it because you can work on both sides, and you wont get paint on the paper/fabric. It is also easier to put the paper/fabric on! Once you finish painting the piece, place the newly covered back panel back on!  She is ready for her debut at the salon Bella Couture in Melissa TX!! 

Cake Vintage disposable table runner!




  1. I am SERIOUSLY, EVERYDAY, in AWE of what you do!!! You are AMAZING!!!! I wish I had just a little of your talent! I have 2 pieces that I need to redo, but no idea on how to make them look as INCREDIBLE as you make yours!!! I am always jawdropping when I look at the before and afters you make!!! Do you ever post videos, teaching how to do this? I would love to have you do it for me LOL but you are in TX and I am in IL :(

    Michelle Good Trumpy

  2. Beautiful! Wonderful tip about removing the back to paint/paper. Did you have to strip the old paint before you repainted? Since you used a spray adhesive for the paper, did you have to use something to seal the paper? Love your choice of paper, by the way! Thanks for sharing your project. Wanda (in California)

  3. Love it! Disposable table runner and spray adhesive, brilliant! I am going to try this on my hutch.
    Deana @


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