Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trash to Treasure!

This piece is just a random classic small dresser. It was the shinny cherry wood, and the top was in bad shape!  What's a girl to do with such a mess? Throw it away... some might say.  I shutter to think! I painted it black and used my favorite paper on top, to cover the scars from it's past! Now this beauty will live on. A make over and a new owner is all she needed to shine!!  I used wallpaper paste to adhere the paper to the top! You can find this wonderful paper at


  1. Thanks for sharing where you got the paper from. It's so beautiful, perfect on your gorgeous dresser. Great job!

  2. I wanted to come by your blog and thank you for the mention on FB. It kinda freak me out actually! I paint lots of furniture also. Can you tell me do you ship yours and if you do, what means of shipping do you use? I have been in stores but now I would like to try other avenues. Any info would help. Thanks

  3. The link to paper won't work for me.... I love it! The dresser came out fantastic! :D

  4. Hi! LOVE IT! Do you put any kind of finish on top of the paper to protect it when you are finished?.... JEN


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