Saturday, October 15, 2011


Old door + Coffee Bean Sack = LOVE! Add a shelf and it's a match made in Heaven  My Garage!!!
Whenever I got this old door it was a hideous shade of blue, unlike I have ever seen! We decided to paint it black! It had some bad spots that even paint couldn't cover, so what to do??? Cover it! But with What? The hub's came up with this all by himself! He used wall paper paste to adhere the coffee bean sack to the door, then to keep it from "shedding" he sealed it! We had some old door pieces that we put together to make a shelf added some old table legs, and VOILA! This would make a great entry table, bedside table, it would even be great in a kitchen to hold cook booksetc... ! I have another idea to share later!




  1. LOVE this look! I could think of loads of places to put that. Nice call on the black woodwork!


  2. Really cool! The coffee sack really adds to the character of the piece.

  3. very cute! I love old doors and windows, this is a great idea! Stop by and see my Gutsy entry...


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