Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Romantic Vintage Bedroom!

Every since I can remember I have loved the vintage look. Especially in my bedroom! Here are a few pictures of the "sitting area" in my room        

                              This is the "entry" wall to my room

  This is the hook under the hats. I almost hate to cover it. It is so pretty!
                                                   My vanity
           My wedding dress on a dress form! Sitting area of "My room"
 I got this deacons bench form someone who had it on their front porch. They actually used it to set their trash bags on so the dogs would not get it. I asked if they would like to sell it...I paid $100 for it, then retained it   and re upholstered it! I have had it INSIDE for about 18 years now!
 This Antique "rose" picture came out of a house that was going to be demolished. The house belonged to an elderly man who lived next door to me when I was growing up. He told me it belonged to his Mother. I figure it is at least 100 years old!  That is "sheet music" on the left side above the white rose!
My daughter is a professional photographer. She used my room for a photo shoot. (below)The bride in this picture was going for a "vintage romantic" look, so my daughter told her she knew the perfect place to shoot!
MY ROOM! The suitcases are my "night stand"!
This is actually My daughter's wedding dress on my dress form, in my room! (below)She had a vintage wedding TOO!


  1. Love your room and your daugther is beautiful! My daughter just got engaged so we have a busy year ahead! Thanks so much for visiting :)


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